Di Nardo becomes the all-time WFC goal scorer – 07.12.2017

Danish national team player Cecilia Di Nardo broke a record during the match against Germay. She scored her 38th WFC goal and thus became the all-time goal scorer in Women’s WFCs. She surpassed Hermine Dahlerus (SWE) and the all-time scoring leader Emelie Lindstrom (SWE) who both have 37 goals.

The match is still ongoing, so we have to wait and see what the eventual new record will be. Di Nardo might not hold onto the record for that long as Switzerland’s Corin Ruttimann has scored 34 WFC goals so far. Can she challenge Di Nardo for the record during the tournament?

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Edit: Di Nardo didn´t score more goals during the match so the standing record is 38