WFC 2018 Eshop launched! – 22.08.2018

We are calling all floorball fashionistas! Come to Prague and show your passion and fashion taste with official World Championship merchandise collection.

World Championships in Prague has its own unique visual identity, that has been implemented in the official gear as well. This collection proudly celebrates December’s floorball holiday in Prague and creates a special and memorable merchandise, referring to famous WFC goals. Special edition awaits Swedish, Finnish and Swiss fans in their national colours - so all fans of the big four teams can show their colours in Prague.

Official collection offers a rich combination of T-shirts and (don’t forget, it can get quite chilly in December) hoodies. For cap lovers, those are also available. Complete your look with a gym sack and accessories and let the world know you’ve come to Prague to floorball hard.

Orders available worldwide

Get your WFC gear HERE.