One Year to Prague - Henrik Stenberg (SWE) – 15.12.2017

Henrik Stenberg scored the winning goal against Finland in WFC 2014 in front of the loud Swedish audience at Scandinavium in Gothenburg. Now his eyes are set for the WFC 2018 in Prague.

Henrik, how is your life at the moment?
It’s fine, not too much to complain on. I am playing floorball as pro for the last five years and am really enjoying my life for the moment.

What do you recall from your first WFC?
It was in 2010. I had worked very hard to take part in the senior national team after having played the WFC 07 and 09 with the U19 team. It’s always a great feeling to put on the yellow-blue jersey. My strongest memory from that tournament is the final against Finland. The WFC was at their home court and the noise was deafening, we had to write to each other on tablets.

What are your memories regarding the WFC 2014?
The whole atmosphere, it was really cool to be playing in Sweden. It was nearly full-house every game for us. I even had my family coming to Gothenburg for the finals. It’s always nice to have some extra support.

Could you try to recall and describe the moment right before the decisive goal you scored in the final?
I don’t have any direct memories from before the goal, only that it was a really tight game and that I felt like the next goal was going to be the winning one.

When you think about this goal, what is the strongest feeling?
It makes me happy to think back on that specific goal. It was one of the best memories and feelings of my carrier. I really strongly believed that it would be the winning goal for us and it in the end was.

Was this goal the most important one in your career?
Absolutely one of them. The sudden death penalty shoot-out goal when we won our second SM gold with Storvreta IBK is also a very strong memory for me. It is so much fun to play tight games and in the end to win. There is actually no better satisfaction than the victory

Were you often reminded about it even in later years of your career?
Yes, it’s a memory that many remembers and of course it´s fun that it happened at the home WFC.

How likely it is that you will be in the team for the WFC 2018 in Prague?
Sweden has the toughest competition and it’s always many who can take part in the WFC team. My goal is to be one of them! I have been playing four latest WFCs and if everything is going as I want it to, and my body can stay healthy, the chances are pretty good.

Do you believe that Sweden will win this time?
Yes, we are always the biggest favorites for the gold. We have the best players and management of all the participating nations.

What would you invite the worldwide audience for at the WFC in Prague? Why should they come and what can they expect.
The best floorball they can see internationally. WFC is always a big party!