A volunteer is an enthusiast that is willing to contribute, with his/her effort, diligence and skills, to the creation of a unique team of organizers of an important sports event. A volunteer is the moving spirit of success of the 2018 World Floorball Championships, which aims to raise the bar of World Championships organization significantly higher, far ahead of everyone else.

A volunteer is an integral part of the actual organizing team during the WFC. This assumes the ability to be fully available from 1st to 9th December 2018, plus the meeting for most volunteering organizers will take place one day before the Championships. Also, volunteers are obliged to attend one of the several planned introductory events, where they will be introduced the concept of how the entire area works and they will take part in small teambuilding activities. The goal is to create a really strong and exceptional team that will cope with all pitfalls of the biggest sports event in the Czech Republic in 2018.

If you cannot guarantee your availability for the entire WFC but you still want to help, for example with preparation of the WFC or with the planned regional FAN ZONES, please contact us individually via email at volunteers@prague2018.com.

A volunteer performs his/her duties based on his/her free decision and for no pay. A volunteer devotes a part of his/her free time and energy to an activity that will provide him/her with a memorable experience and a good feeling that he/she was a involved in the biggest floorball event ever. Each team member will also gain new experience, get to know new environment and people, with whom they share one big goal, and will often create new friendships for life.

So, prove to yourself as well as to those around you that even in 2018 volunteering is still an admirable and praiseworthy activity and that even in today´s society there are people who are willing to get enthusiastic about a joint cause and to contribute actively.


Membership in TEAM 2018 will let you have a first-hand experience of the atmosphere of a unique sports event and become its integral part as a co-organizer. You will be able to co-decide about whether the Czech Republic will prove that it can organize the best sports event in the history of floorball.

Take a look behind the scenes of the Championships, gain vast experience, get to know new people from all over the Czech Republic as well as abroad and make new friendships. Together with other participants you will experience real emotions that accompany big wins as well as losses at a unique event such as the men´s World Championships.

Become a volunteer and contribute to good representation of your country and further development of sports. You will be a part of a completely unique, friendly and loyal team you will not forget for many years to come.