Germany wins and finishes 7th – 11.12.2016

The final day of World Championships began with a high-intense battle between Estonia and Germany. In a very expressive match Germany earned a 5-4 (2-3, 2-0, 1-1) win.

Just a day before both teams had dramatic fights against Nordic teams. Even though Estonia came back from 0-5, they lost their match against Denmark in OT. Similarly, Germany made a late come back from 3-5, but their opponents from Norway were luckier in extension time. Estonia started this game with more power and scored the first goal when there was only 32 seconds played. Then we had 13 minutes of uninterrupted action on the both sides of the rink. Kristo Lehiste and Mats Tamme with a perfect break-away gave Estonia a two goal lead. Late in the period with some offensive pressure, the Germans managed to score their first goal. However that was not all over at the first period and each team scored one more beautiful goal.

We had an equal match in the second period, so that was quite similar to the group stage match between these two teams. Germany made this game tied early in the second. Bundes-team had better ball possesion and scoring attempts so far. There was an unlucky episode for Estonia in the end of the period, when Ramon Ibold´s strike was deflected by Estonian defender accurately in the net.

There was not any goal scored in the first part of the third period. The Germans showed disciplined and well organized play at defense. Meanwhile the Estonians had some problems with discipline and conceded a goal playing shorthanded. Fortunately they answered quickly and made it 4-5. Estonia took their goalkeeper off in the end but that was not enough to make another come back at this tournament. Germany won this game 5 to 4 and got the 7th place at the tournament. They will hope for a Czech win in the bronze medal game because this result will give them a ticket to the World Games. Estonia finishes 8th and overpasses neighbors Latvia for the first time ever.