Denmark gets their win in penalty shootout to secure 5th place – 11.12.2016

Scandinavian derby - went to shootout with Denmark winning it to slot in 5th

Norwegian team appeared to be better in the 1st period clashing in and out scoring the most goals and taking charge of the game. It was quite an uneventful period, despite the two goals from Norway´s side.

2nd period - game seemed to have a brand new spark in - penalties and some scoring. Norway received a penalty shot that they couldn´t take advantage of but few seconds later they scored a goal. Both teams exchanged chances but no signs of a goal fest coming.

3rd period began with Norway up by one on Denmark. Despite a hesitant start of the period, both teams exchanged chances and the score all of a sudden was 2-4. A double lead for Norway that was extended even further by the 10:47 mark of the period. Denmark decided that they will want to stay in on the fun and tied the game up.

In OT, Denmark got a two minute power-play which they nearly capitalized on but couldn´t due to an amazing save from the Norwegian goalie. Denmark also kept generating offensive chances while Norway had to defend for the most part. A tie after OT, that meant only one thing - penalty shootout. Both teams could not score more than the other so we had to wait till somebody would make the save and grant a win for their team. Denmark finally did it to grab the win in the shootout.